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MusicMates is a not-for-profit organisation that uses music to empower those living with disabilities. Our goal is two-fold.

First, we strive to facilitate social skill development through the use of music. By using music as a platform to reduce anxiety and as a venue for expanding movement and increasing social awareness, we work to create social opportunities for people who are otherwise isolated from the community due to their complex needs. Ultimately, we work to favor integration in the community through music-centered activities.

Secondly, we believe all individuals, regardless of ability level, should have access to music education and experience in a way that caters to their learning styles. This means that our programming is multi-dimensional: verbal and visual communication is key to the success of our programs and all materials and instruments must be accessible.

MusicMates came into existence to address challenges faced by the special needs community by filling a gap in services offered to this population. Our programs offer opportunities for skill-development through the use of music and are an opportunity for access to the Arts for those with special needs.